The Island of Biševo is 5 nautical miles away from Komiža. It can easily be reached by fastboats even from distant towns, and a half day or all day trip will please everybody.

Biševo is best known for its rare natural phenomenon, Modra špilja (‘Blue cave’). The interior of the cave and the sea inside it are an indescribable silver-blue colour. The rays of sun that penetrate through the only crack into the cave are reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects. It is very similar as the italian cave on the Capri island, but much more fascinating. It is open for public visits since 1884, and can be accessed using a boat. On a sunny day and calm sea, especially around noon, sun rays penetrate through an underwater canal, reflect from the bottom and illuminate the cave with a blue light and items in the water with silver.On the island there is also Medvidina špilja (‘Monk seals’ cave) – a cave on which beach the Mediterranean monk seal used to reside.

This island leaves everyone breathless, the combination of natural phenomena, sandy bays, friendly islanders, the quality Biševo Plavac wine and other island products will remain in your lasting memory. These are only a few words about this enchanting islet; you will have to investigate the rest on your own.

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