Cetinje is the most famous and most visited tourist town when it comes to Montenegrin cultural and tourist destinations. Due to its authentic architecture and its large number of historic buildings, relics, monasteries, churches and museums, this city is often called a "museum city".

Because of its position and historical influence tourism began developing in 20th century which has made it one of the most economically advanced centres in Montenegro.

You can visit one of the most important centres of the stunning Mediterranean gem on of our cruises.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity on seeing amazing cultural monuments such as Njegosev mausoleum, Castle of King Nikola, Home of the State who tell the complete story about the country and its people.

After visiting one of the greatest national treasures of National park Lovcen , you can enjoy yourself in the plethora of authentic Adriatic gastronomy scene that Cetinje has to offer in famous local restaurants "Belvedere", "Konak" (Overnight stay), "Stari most" (Old bridge), "Zora" (Dawn), or famous inn "Kod Pera na Bukovicu" (At Pero for a beech drink) or "Njeguska sijela" (Outdoor party at Njegus).

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