Korčula is the birthplace of Marko Polo and one of the best preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean, often called “miniature Dubrovnik”. It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with abundant vineyards and olive groves. Its southern coast is formed by small beaches and quiet coves. The Greeks, called the island Korkyra, Melaina or "black Corfu, all adjectives to define the wooded area.

While strolling through the old town, you might recognize a fish bone pattern of its streets, a very smart urbanistic achievement. The streets running west are straight to let the cool western breeze in summer, those at east are curved to protect it from chilly winter Bura wind, while the street facing north allowed locals to rush and quickly defend town from attacks from the sea, from Pelješac channel. 

Here you will find some special souvenirs - a silver filligrane, coral jewellery or candle products from local artisans in the Old town, and you should definitely try old traditional local cakes and delicacies from “Cukarin” shop at Plokata Street.

During summer times, on Mondays and Thursdays, a traditional sword dance MOREŠKA is performed in Korčula. Should you get the chance, don’t miss seeing it.

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