The island of Lošinj is an integral part of the Cres-Lošinj island group and forms the western series of Kvarner islands within the Kvarner Bay. The Losinj group includes the wooded Lošinj and smaller islands: fertile Union, flowering Ilovik, sandy Susak, Srakane with several small uninhabited islets. The islands of this group, with their central position, serve as a natural bridge between Istria and Dalmatia.


There are also known places of Punta Kriza, which are rich in biodiversity, Ustrine with a beautiful view and ancient Osor. Belej, Sveti Jakov, Nerezine, Ćunski, Artatore, and Veli Lošinj are pearls of the Lošinj archipelago.

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Mali Losinj is the largest settlement on the island and at the same time the main administrative center. It is located on the south side of the bay of Lošinj and thanks to this position has become a significant maritime and commercial, and today a tourist center. With about 7,000 inhabitants, Mali Lošinj is today the largest island town on the Adriatic.


All places and islands of the Lošinj archipelago hide traces of past times, and their inhabitants carefully nurture the entrusted cultural heritage - specific speech, folk costumes and customs, adapted to the modern guest. It is a magical place that will entice you with all its attributes - smells, flavors, sounds, and preserved natural beauty.

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