Primošten is a small picturesque town situated between Šibenik and Trogir, in the central part of the Adriatic coast and surrounded by seven other islets, a wonderful site and a beautiful place to explore.

During the Turkish invasions in 1542 the settlement on the islet where today’s Primosten is, was protected by the walls and towers from the invaders and there was a draw bridge connecting it to the mainland. When the Turks retreated, the draw bridge was replaced by the causeway and in 1564 the settlement was named Primošten, after the Croatian verb primostiti which means to bridge over.

The place preserved its Mediterranean atmosphere and all the features of a medieval Mediterranean fishing town, which is especially evident in its narrow streets and compacted houses in the old town core. Take a stroll and visit historical sites such as the parish church St. Juraj (St. George), built in 1485 on the highest point of the former island; St. Roko church, built in 1680, a valuable cultural monument; image of Our Lady of Loret and the Church of Our Lady of Grace, built in 1553.

Primošten is famous for its old and beautiful vineyards which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and a photo of the vineyards of Primošten used to hang in the UN center in New York. Don’t miss out to try local Babich wines.

Apart from its vineyards, Primošten is also known for the traditional donkey race that takes place there every summer. 

The largest beach in Primošten is called Raduča, and its smaller part, Mala Raduča, is voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Try out fine cuisine in restaurant Kamenar on the main square or visit one of many konobas such as Stara cura and Toni or pizzeria Fortuna..

For evening entertainment visit club Aurora, Legends pub or one of the many bars in the town centre. For relaxing evening drinks walk about 10 minutes from town centre to Bau Bar.

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