Sali is a tourist and fishing town on the island Dugi Otok (Long island) and the nearest town to the “Telašćica” Nature Park and National Park “Kornati”. It is mentioned in 12th century, having received its name from its salt works, and today it is a favorite destination for divers.

Sali is the municipal and administrative centre of the island and the place with the largest population. It has a very well established excursion, nautical and sports tourism. Sali is a place of a thousand-years-old fishing tradition, which was confirmed by written documents from the 10th century and ancient olive groves surrounding the village witness the intensive agricultural activities throughout the centuries.


Sali Festival called Saljske užance, a three-day festival with the famous Tovareća mužika (donkey music) performing at the festival.

Parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (in the village-5 min walking up the stairs from the place where the ship docks

Olive grove Saljsko polje

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