Šipan belongs to a group of Elaphiti Islands, which were a part of a glorious Dubrovnik Republic through centuries and therefore shared its wealth. After the Republic lost its significance, the residents left the Elaphiti and now only three of the islands are inhabited, but they are almost car-free. With its quietness and calmness, lush vegetation and romantic atmosphere, they are a perfect getaway from Dubrovnik rush.

There is not much to do here but to enjoy the tranquillity of the island.

Walk to the inland of island by following the main road. You will find delightful combination of craggy hills and long, fertile plain dotted with occasional hamlets, vineyards, olive groves, ruined summer houses of Dubrovnik nobility, rosemary and other herbs.

Enjoy a cocktail at one of the beach side terraces and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen and don’t miss out on the moonlight swim in the bay!

As expected, the choice of restaurants is small, but not non-existent. You should visit Bowa restaurant which is a really unique place.

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