Vela luka is situated on the island of Korcula which belongs to the group of middle Dalmatian islands. Island has a surface area of 276 km2 and it is the sixth biggest island in the Adriatic. The island is divided from the peninsula Pelješac by a narrow channel and it was of great importance to the maritime powers.

Because of its importance, its masters changed often: the Hellens, the Romans, the Venetians, the British, the Russians and the Italians.

Korcula is one of the most wooded islands on the Adriatic. It is a typical Mediterranean area with various sorts of flora: cypress, alepian pine, pinia, olive, oak, myrtle. Indigenous herbs and aromatic plants also grow on the island: sage, rosemary, lavender, immortelle, mint, marjoram etc. The Roman version of the name Korcula was CORCYRA NIGRA, the Hellenic version was CORCYRA MELAINA, both names bear reference to the dense pine-woods of the island.

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