There is no doubt that Croatia’s riviera offers a unique climate and rich history for each visitor. One of the most common facts you will find while searching Croatia is one of kind archipelago. With over 1000 islands in a relatively small area, cruising is a dream come true. It takes you a lifetime to see every island of Croatia’s rich treasury, so we highlighted the best out of it!


The Adriatic islands are one of the most prominent Croatian features. It is said that we have a thousand islands, islets, rocks ... Our coastline is 5835 km or about 74 percent of the total Adriatic coast. Due to its isolation, our islands have much better preserved their natural and cultural heritage.



We need to start our list with the most famous island! The benchmark for all islands in Croatia is Hvar. It is located in central Dalmatia. There is something for everyone in Hvar, whether you want to ride your bike through the wine routes of the Old Town and wonder at the cliffs of SV. Nedilje, or have a luxury party in the town of Hvar. In short, Hvar is a place for adventurers, gourmets, and wine lovers. If you are an adventurous type, you can take a water taxi and take it to the Pakleni Islands, which are nearby. The spectacular beaches, magical vineyards and one of a kind nightlife make Hvar an ideal destination for summer.


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This little beauty needs to be on the list because it’s a perfect place for adventure! Blessed with unspoiled nature, the crystal sea, beautiful beaches, and many natural wonders! This is a paradise on earth for divers because the seafloor contains an untouched beauty wherever you look! Not to mention the underwater world and sea life is stunning. Because of its secluded location, it retained its originality and lifestyle from the former regime and attracts tourists with the slogan 'Mediterranean as it once was'. Vis is known for its marine caves in the vicinity (Blue, Green ...) that you can enter for an experience that you will carry for a lifetime. A small rocky cove in the southern part of the island is voted in Europe’s top beaches on numerous occasions.


There are so many things about Vis that the words just can't describe, so it's best to book it on your Adriatic Cruise itinerary and find out for yourself!



Korcula is often labeled as the cultural epitome of the Croatian Islands! Korcula is a Dalmatian island just south of Hvar. Being the most populated Croatian Islands and because of its architectural style it is often called “Little Dubrovnik”. One of the main tourist attractions is the house where Marco Polo was allegedly born. The stunning town of Korcula with its beautiful architecture and friendly community is the perfect place to experience the culture of Croatia! Korcula wines can only be compared to previously mentioned Hvar. We can’t think of a better combination for cultural aficionados to enjoy the sun and amazing gastronomy during your summer vacation


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