Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the demographics of our passengers?
Mini cruises along the gorgeous Croatian coast attract people from all over the world. The majority of our clients are English speaking and are from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. But you can definitely meet people from all over the globe.
2. What is the average age of passengers on our cruises?
People of all age groups are welcome on our cruises. There is usually a mix of ages and nationalities on all cruises. If you are specifically looking for a cruise for younger people, feel free to ask our agents.
3. Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?
Passengers must not bring drinks and food to the vessel. This includes all drinks and food purchased on shore in ports of call. The only exceptions are personal care products, medicine, food products specifically for infants, and food products for special diets. Typical regional food products or wines purchased during visits to the ports will be stored onboard to be returned to passengers at the end of the cruise. The boat runs its own bar on a tab system, and drinking water is provided.
4. Is there AC on board?
All cabins are equipped with air conditioning.
5. Breakfast and lunch / Captain's dinner – how are the meals organised?
Dishes served on board are a combination of Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine. Some cruises include a selection of complimentary fresh fruit available all day long. Breakfast is usually buffet style, served from 7 to 9 a.m along with alternating warm dishes, such as omelettes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Lunch and dinners have multiple courses, which often include fish, chicken, pasta, or seafood. There is a bar on board which operates in the salon. There you can find a wide selection of soft drinks, warm drinks, bottled water, local quality wines, and beers (both Croatian and foreign). Some cruises also include complimentary tea/coffee all day long.
6. Are cruises suitable for people with limited mobility?
Due to the specific mooring conditions and requirements in some Croatian ports, ships are moored side by side, making it necessary to cross from one ship to another with gaps in between, to get to the shore. In such cases, guests need to take special care when crossing and do this at their own risk. Crew assistance will be given to those needing and requesting it, however, cruises are definitely not recommended for clients in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Vessels are small, with narrow passageways and do not have lifts.
7. Can the captain change the route or the itinerary?
Yes, the Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather conditions. He can also adjust the schedule if a certain port gets way too busy, but the crew will try to do everything in their power to ensure the program is performed.
8. Can you cater for me if I have some food allergies, dietary restrictions?
Guests are kindly asked to inform us as soon as possible of any dietary preferences, such as diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Our crew will make reasonable efforts to accommodate these requests. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, and many other travellers with specific diets.
9. Is smoking allowed on the ship?
Smoking in the restaurant area, in the cabins, and on cabin balconies is not allowed. There are special smoking areas on the open deck, and when smoking on the deck in designated smoking areas, passengers must not throw cigarette butts in the sea.
10. What is the tipping policy?
The general rule is that tips are appreciated for good service. The hard-working crew and cruise managers welcome them for a job well done. On the last day, envelopes may be left in passenger cabins so that you can leave an anonymous tip or hand it directly to the staff.
11. Payments on board: cash or card?
Some boats do have card facilities onboard (please check with your agent). All payments for your bar tab as well as port & tourist taxes can be made in cash in Euros on your last day before you check out.
12. Can I store my luggage on board before the official check-in time?
If you arrive before your check-in time, you can store your luggage on the ship and return back later.
13. How much luggage can I bring?
Generally there is no limit, but you should keep in mind that the space in the cabins is restricted. There is no dress code on board, so you don't have to bring a lot of clothes with you.
14. WIFI and TV:
Each ship has WIFI on board, deluxe and luxury vessels have TV. Please note that the signal can get weaker when the ship is in the open sea. Wi-Fi is subject to download limits and unfortunately isn’t available at all times while sailing between the islands, due to coverage issues.
15. Do crew members speak other languages than English?
We usually have an international mix of guests from all over the world on board, so the cruise manager speaks English. He/she may speak other languages as well, but we cannot guarantee that the manager will speak your language or any other language than English.
16. What currency shall I bring with me?
All services in Croatia are still paid in Euro either in cash or by credit cards. In most restaurants and shops in bigger places on the islands, you can pay by credit card, while in ports, cafés, restaurants, and shops in small places usually only cash is accepted. Therefore, you need to calculate the amount in cash you might need, depending on your planned route. You can withdraw cash from an ATM or bank offices which can also be found on the islands.
17. Do I need to make any payment to confirm my reservation?
In order to confirm your chosen cruise, a deposit (or full payment if booking within 2 months of the date your arrangements with us are due to commence) must be paid at the time of booking. The amount of your deposit can vary depending on the vessel. The balance of the cost of the holiday must be received by us not less than 2 months prior to the date of the cruise. Please note that early booking offers/special offers might have different payment conditions. We usually send links for card payments, and the payment can also be made by a bank transaction.
18. Can I change the date of my booking?
A change of holiday dates will normally be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and rebooking in which case cancellation charges will apply.
19. Can I change the vessel?
A change of vessel will normally be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and rebooking in which case cancellation charges will apply.
20. Do I need to obtain travel insurance?
We highly recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance in their home country.
21. Are there toys/masks, fins, and snorkeling gear included?
There are things like inner tubes, masks, and some snorkeling gear for common use on board most of the vessels. However, we recommend bringing your own snorkeling equipment. No water slides or dodgem cars on-board due to the small size of the ships.
22. Does the sea get rough? Will I have problems with seasickness?
If you tend to get motion sick when traveling by car, bus, train, or plane, you might also experience seasickness while on a mini-cruiser. Take a pill against seasickness about half an hour before you set sails, stay outside while sailing, look in the distance, don't read books or magazines, don't consume food and drinks that irritate the stomach either before or during sailing. The Adriatic is generally a calm sea, the distances between the islands are short and there are many protected bays and harbours in which to hide from rough weather. However, you also need to take some measures in order to prevent seasickness.
23. Does the ship sail through the night?
Our cruises sail only during daylight hours and are usually in port by 4 pm, allowing plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping, and dinner arrangements.
24. Where do ships moor in Dubrovnik?
The ship in Dubrovnik will be docked either in Gruž harbour (Luka Dubrovnik) or under Franjo Tuđman bridge, a bit further - it's about a 10 min ride from the Old town. If the ship is in Gruž harbour, it will take you some 20 min to walk to the Old town. If you embark in Dubrovnik, please call the contact number given to you for the embarkation day and ask where exactly your ship is docked.
25. Are swim stops included?
Yes, all cruises have swim stops in their itinerary. The crew will make several swim stops in nice picturesque places between destinations if the weather and sea conditions allow.
26. Do you take care of airfares/hotels too?
No, we only sell cruises.
27. Are cruises kids-friendly? What kind of board entertainment is available for the younger guests?
Kids of all ages are welcome on our cruises. It’s important to keep in mind though that facilities for entertaining little ones are limited – there won’t be any waterslides or kids’ clubs due to the size of the ship. We understand that you may be looking for cruise options that are specifically designed for families with kids. While we do not offer cruise programs tailored exclusively to this demographic, we want to assure you that children of all ages are welcome on our cruises, and we believe our programs are enjoyable for passengers of any age group.
28. What are the differences between cabins?
The specific differences will depend on the ship you’ll be traveling on, however, in general, main deck cabins have windows, upper deck cabins typically have larger, picture windows and/or balconies. They’re a bit brighter, but they may be a little noisier compared to the cabins below deck. The lower deck cabins have portholes, offer more privacy, and they’re quieter and a bit more spacious on certain vessels due to the vessel design.
29. Is there a dress code on board?
There is no dress code on board so make sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. However, guests are kindly asked not to wear swim costumes in the restaurant and inner salon.
30. Are pets allowed on board?
Pets are not allowed on our cruises. The boats need to be properly cleaned after pets and the crew do not have that much time between cruises. Another important reason is that some passengers on board can be allergic to pets.
31. How do I charge my phone or laptop while on the boat? How do sockets look like?
Electrical current on board is European of 220 volts. Sockets you will find in cabins have two round pins of 4.8 mm in diameter. If you come from a place with different electrical sockets, in order to use any appliances (e.g. shavers, battery chargers, etc.) you should bring 2 things: a universal transformer to convert the power if your device does not support 220 volts power, and universal adapter plugs for sockets if they differ from the ones in your country.
32. How do we find our boat on the first day?
You will receive an information document with instructions on how to find your vessel in the harbour as well as emergency contact numbers you can call in case you need help or cannot find your vessel. We cannot give you an exact pier number as ships get moved frequently. Due to the specific mooring conditions and requirements in some Croatian ports, ships are moored side by side, sometimes making it difficult to detect your vessel right away, especially on a busy day. Do not panic - feel free to ask crew of other vessels, they might be able to help you find your ship too.
33. What is the arrangement for solo travellers? Can I share a cabin with another traveller?
If you are booking as a solo traveller, you cannot share a cabin with someone else: the cruises are for a maximum of 40 people and we can't guarantee that we will find another customer willing to share a cabin with you. Just a few vessels actually have smaller single cabins, in all other cases single-use supplement applies.
34. Do you send brochures?
We are an online agency, we do not issue brochures. It’s also important to mention that most operators of Croatia mini cruises make several corrections in their programs/schedules during the season preparation time, so if they decided to go for a brochure, they would have to print several editions.
35. If I book a private charter, is it possible to rent a boat for a period shorter than a week?
In Croatia, small cruise ships/yachts are chartered from one Saturday afternoon to the next Saturday morning. In case you have a tight schedule and prefer to take a several days' long sailing trip, the price is not flexible and you would usually be charged for a full week of the charter.
36. Cabin selection.
We would like to emphasize that cabins are not allocated on the booking spot: you just choose the cabin type: main, lower, upper etc. We can totally put a note about your wish to be accommodated in a certain cabin, but we can never 100% guarantee that guests will be allocated certain cabins of their choice.
37. Do you offer any diving during your cruise trips along the Croatian coast?
Most vessels have masks, some water toys, and some snorkeling gear for common use on board during the swim stops. However, while our cruises are designed to provide a fantastic and diverse range of experiences, I'd like to clarify that diving is not a standard inclusion in our cruise packages. Diving involves specialized equipment, safety considerations, and trained professionals to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for participants that are interested in that. Integrating diving into our regular cruise activities would not only require substantial additional resources but also poses challenges related to safety, logistics, and the overall cruise schedule.
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