A Croatian cruise presents the ideal opportunity, not only to explore the breathtaking Dalmatian Coast but also to meet with people from around the world and make long-lasting friendships. It is therefore hardly surprising that with each passing year, the number of visitors opting for a sailing vacation is on the rise. The true selling points are the over 1000 islands, each unique in their own right. So how does one decide where to go? Here are some recommendations that will ensure you have a fantastic time on your next Croatia cruise trip.


Best months to go sailing

From May to October, the weather in Croatia is just sublime and that is when the charter season is at its peak. The ideal month to sail is in September, when the charter rates are down by 20%, the sea is nice and warm and the teeming crowds are nowhere to be seen.


Start in Split

Split is the perfect place for starting a cruise as it is well connected with all major European cities and most of the popular islands of Brac, Korcula and Hvar are just a short distance away. This is also where the majority of the yachts are based. Moreover, there is so much to see, that the city itself seems like a live museum when one wanders through the Old Town and its historic attractions.


Choose the right ship

The best way to sail the country is by a small ship Croatia cruise. These vessels usually accommodate up to 50 guests and a crew of ten, each of whom are instrumental in ensuring you have the best possible time onboard. A sailing yacht is another reasonable option for smaller groups of up to 12 persons as they are slow, stable and offer better viewing over short distances.




Match the itinerary with time available

Most people visiting Croatia need enough time to see the whole country. It is recommended to keep a minimum of one week separate for your cruise trip. In seven days, you can do the Split-Dubrovnik circuit or vice-versa, covering all the well-known islands, including shore excursions of Split and Dubrovnik. Since these islands are at short distances from each other, it gives enough time to the guest to explore each destination. If you have more time on your hand, you can travel further on a deluxe cruise to the Zadar archipelago and visit Elaphiti Islands and neighboring Montenegro. 


Look for preferred activities

Not everyone will have the same expectations from a cruise, so it is important that you make sure you are on the right boat once you set sail. Go through the activities listed on the brochure to see if they are suited for you, lest you end up with an exciting crowd wanting to surf and dive all the time,while you were looking forward to a more relaxed and leisurely trip.


Day cruises

If you are passing through Croatia and have limited time, a day cruise (or a couple of days more) is the best option for you. These trips are available only at the bigger marinas of Split and Dubrovnik and head to local villages and coastal towns. These trips can be booked by showing up at the harbor early in the morning, include sightseeing, a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish and return to port by early evening.




Things to do list

- Meet locals and explore the most medieval ports and towns.

- Swim, snorkel in safe clear waters.

- See stunning sunsets.

- Go partying and enjoy a glass of Croatian wine.


With guaranteed departures from April to mid-October, guests have the option to travel in a Unique way by sea to see the breathtaking sights of the Adriatic Coast. Choose a cruise and

Reward yourself with a holiday of a lifetime.


Lastly, don't rush! Plan your travel according to your budget and with whom you wish to travel. You should know what to expect and which destination to travel to beforehand.