A Croatian Cruise offers the quintessential chance to traverse the mesmerizing Croatian Coast. Yet, it's more than just breathtaking views; it’s about forging lifelong friendships and mingling with travelers from every corner of the world. With over 1,000 distinct islands dotting the coast, planning your route might seem daunting. But fret not – we've got recommendations to ensure you have an unforgettable Croatian adventure!

Best Cruise Itineraries

Cruise From Split to Dubrovnik

Starting your journey in Split is a stroke of genius. Not only is it conveniently connected to major European cities, but islands like Brač, Korčula, and Hvar are also tantalizingly close. And Split itself? A veritable living museum, brimming with history and culture that's palpable in every cobblestone of the Old Town. Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik is a parfect way to explore the best of Croatia.

Example of Cruise from Split to Dubrovnik.

Cruise From Dubrovnik to Split

World-renowned Dubrovnik, with its impressive city walls stretching nearly 2 km, is another fantastic starting point. With seamless connections to Europe’s major hubs and even a direct line to the US via United Airlines, getting here is a breeze. The luxury accommodations in the city are unmatched, making your pre-cruise stay utterly comfortable. Interestingly, the route from Dubrovnik to Split mirrors its counterpart, taking you through the same enchanting spots, just in reverse.

Round Trip Cruises

While one-way cruises from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) are popular, there’s something enticing about starting and finishing your voyage in the same place. Round trip cruises are perfect for those who prefer a neat, looped adventure.

Match the Itinerary with Time Available

Seven Day Cruises

Seven days on a Croatian cruise is a deep dive into the best of the Adriatic. Cover the iconic Split-Dubrovnik circuit, hop between the renowned islands, and soak in experiences in Split, Dubrovnik, Korčula, Hvar, and even some picturesque national parks. With overnight stops at each port, you've ample time to explore.

Mini Cruises – from 3 to 4 days

Short on time? No worries! Early in the cruise season, like April to June, there are shorter trips that capture the essence of the 7-day itineraries, condensed into 3 or 4 nights.

Best Months for a Croatia Cruise

Cruise season in Croatia spans from the last week of April to late October.

June and September

The sweet spots in the cruise calendar are June and September. The weather's just right, the seas beckon for a swim, and the best part? You skip the peak tourist frenzy. Remember, these months are hot favorites, so book early!

July and August

If you're up for lively coastal towns and vibrant cities, July and August are your go-to. Expect sunny days, warm seas, and an infectious holiday buzz. Just a heads up – it's the peak of summer!

May, October, and April

For those who prioritize exploration over a dip in the sea, the shoulder months of May, October, and late April are ideal. Not to mention, keep an eye out for some irresistible deals, especially on lower deck cabins.

Choose the Right Ship

Mini Cruisers

Mini cruisers are your floating boutique hotels, offering the perfect blend of comfort and exploration. Accommodating up to 18 spacious cabins, they strike the right balance between intimacy and sociability. You're not just booking a cruise; you're securing an experience. With itineraries set to showcase the best of Croatia, these cruises offer daily breakfast and lunch, ensuring you’re well-fueled for your adventures. And speaking of adventures, expect a plethora of guided city tours and excursions that immerse you into the heart of Croatian culture.


Experience luxury with a touch of intimacy on a yacht. Designed to accommodate between 10 to 20 passengers, yachts offer the unique advantage of chartering the entire ship for yourself and your group. The experience is more personalized, allowing for a curated journey tailored to your desires. Though a premium choice with a heftier price tag, the exclusivity and luxuriousness of yachts make it worth every penny.

Sailing Boats

Seeking an authentic sailing experience? Opt for sailing boats. They present two incredible options: bareboat (for the seasoned sailors) or skippered charters (for those who prefer a helping hand). One of the most captivating things about sailing boats is their ability to access hidden gems along the Croatian coast – spots that larger vessels can't reach. It’s a thrilling blend of adventure and tradition.

Look for Preferred Activities

Whether you're keen on taking a dip at every swim stop or are a history buff eager to delve into heritage sites, each cruise offers a unique set of activities tailored for all tastes.


What to Do on a Croatia Cruise

    Engage with locals and delve into medieval ports and towns.

    Dive into crystal-clear waters and snorkel amidst vibrant marine life.

    Witness mesmerizing sunsets that paint the sky.

    Dance the night away and savor a refreshing glass of Croatian wine.

Embarking on a Croatia cruise from April to mid-October presents a unique sea-based perspective of the Adriatic Coast. Select the cruise that resonates with you and indulge in a vacation of a lifetime. Remember, the journey is as memorable as the destination. Take your time, plan with care, and let the Croatian coast work its magic on you. Safe travels!

Things to do list

- Meet locals and explore the most medieval ports and towns.

- Swim, snorkel in safe clear waters.

- See stunning sunsets.

- Go partying and enjoy a glass of Croatian wine.


With guaranteed departures from April to mid-October, guests have the option to travel in a Unique way by sea to see the breathtaking sights of the Adriatic Coast. Choose a cruise and Reward yourself with a holiday of a lifetime.

Lastly, don't rush! Plan your travel according to your budget and with whom you wish to travel. You should know what to expect and which destination to travel to beforehand.