My Croatia Cruise acts as an online marketplace platform for Adriatic Cruises under the umbrella of Croatia Holidays Ltd. Group. We strive to create the best deals and opportunities for our customers to cruise the Mediterranean Archipelago. Croatia Holidays Ltd. Is company established and operates under the laws of Croatia with obligations of the directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by competent authorities for the purposes of prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses or the execution of the same.

In accordance with the directive, we take great respect for the privacy for our customers, as we strive to secure full disclosure of the information to the third parties of all data that is collected about the user necessary to complete the reservation.

All the employees under Croatia Holidays Ltd. Group and Tour Operators under the contractual obligation are responsible to oblige with all the principles of privacy protection.

As a travel agency, we provide private retail services to our customers under the contract with several tour operators in the Balkan area. Croatia Holidays Ltd. Group is not the tour operator, meaning that we provide the service of assistance in organizing and providing the best prices for cruise holiday packages. In the position of the agent, we provide the tour operators with all the necessary information needed to complete the reservation of the specific cruise package. Croatia Holidays Ltd. Group is formed by a team of local expert agents combined with experienced marketing team and equipped with state-of-the-art IT-support.

The Tour Operator takes upon the responsibility of the performance and the quality of the service provided by them. The cancelation policy is transparent and is established before the finalization of the reservation, after which you will receive the voucher with the transparent details of the given Tour Operator.

The cancelation policy, nonrefundable deals, early booker deals, and deposits may vary for each cruise deal. Customers can get further and more specific information regarding these items with our agents during the process of the booking.

For completing the process of securing your reservation we can process your payments through SEPA payments (Bank Transfer) or through online payment by credit card. Croatia Holidays Ltd. Group uses a secure online payment system (SSL security) through the PayWay PoS service that provides the best methods and procedures for authorization of data protection.

Transactions made will be processed in Kuna (Croatian currency). All the currency conversion that happens during the transaction is in accordance with the exchange rate of credit card companies and the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.

As a result of this process, the prices outlined on the website may have slight differences from the charged price.