Cres is a long hilly island, the second biggest island in Croatia and is also one of the last habitats of a rare bird species griffon vulture. It is home to a fresh water lake of Vrana. The myth of Lake Vrana is that there is a castle under the water, and that a rich sister would not give her poor sister money. She was punished by her castle being under water, on some windy days can hear the bell on top of the tower still ringing today. Cres is the main town and it is a typical Mediterranean fishermen paradise.


  • Three town gates, Bragadina, Marcela and the gate of St Mikulo from the 16th century

  • A round, corner tower in the north western part of the town

  • The church of St. Isidor from the 12th century

  • Visit Franjevački monastery Cres, Museum "Palača Arsan“ 

  • Art gallery „Solis“ – Trg Frane Petrića

  • Wine tasting in local winery „Katun“ in  Palada Street

  • Open air theater in Creskog statuta street

  • Local market with excellent olive oil and local fruits

    Try some of ecologically produced and protected products such as an island speciality - roast lamb under peka (earthen baking lid), or home made sheep’s cheese, seafood salad are some of the cold starters, fresh sea fish, scampi and squid, prepared in various ways, shellfish, and other specialities.

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