Recently included in UNESCO's World Heritage Site this gem located in the Gulf of Kotor in Montenegro has been widely called as a tourist discovery of 21 century. Many praising it to be new Venice because of architectural similarity and influence this small city has seen a lot of owners switch hands through history from Romans to Napoleon.

That is what creates the unique feel when you visit this treasure chest of European culture with landmarks such as Cathedral of Saint Tryphon protected by the ancient walls. The port has a movie-esque feel with all the forts surrounding it and beautiful landscape that arguably even trumps the stunning architecture.

The city is so famous for its cat population that they even have a square named after them. You might even say they care more about them then themselves. Must see for any cat lover out there.

Easiest and the best way to experience Kotor is by cruise ship, so don’t keep yourself waiting anymore and hop on to enjoy this hidden wonder on the Adriatic Sea.

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