The beautiful karst Krka River springs near Knin, under the Topoljski slap waterfall, and after flowing 72.5 km, drains into the Adriatic Sea at Šibenik.

The Krka River flows through the Dalmatian region, in the area of Šibenik-Knin County, between the plateau of the Čikola River and the Dalmatian Zagora region.

The freshwater course of the Krka is fed by five tributaries: Krčić, Kosovčica, Orašnica, Butišnica and the Čikola with the Vrba River, while the submerged part of the mouth is fed by the Guduča River. Thanks to the constant process of travertine-building, the Krka River is a karst phenomenon that is nature’s priceless gift to man.

The maritime influence on the lower course of the Krka penetrates deep inland, and significantly influences the climatic conditions of the upper course and springs. The influence of the sea is weakened further inland.

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