With the recent global events Croatia Cruise has been faced with a lot of questions regarding the health and safety onboard of their fleet. While the media has portrayed cruise lines as the hotspots of potential hazards, our market differs greatly from those mentioned. While we are emerging from this global crisis, we emphasize that small cruise ships might be the future for enjoying your holidays for all cruise lovers around the world:


Contained and Controlled Environment:


Tourism is very important branch in Croatia as most of the people along the coastline depend to survive on this industry. Government is putting a lot of money into supporting each business related to tourism and therefore it is held to such a high standard. The regulations imposed are necessary for the industry to sustain on the market and therefore we assure you that each ship is even above the global standard measurements of safety. We do not operate in the capacity of big cruise lines that can hold up to 5,000 people per ship and the crew that operates this ship is largely run by families that are in the business for decades. We treat each ship as a small community and the health of our community is at out most importance to us at Croatia Cruise.


You go to Croatia you stay in Croatia


While major cruise lines visit several countries and interact with thousands of people along their journey, by choosing small ship cruising in Croatia you stay in checked environment. Croatia has been one of the most unaffected countries by the latest health crisis in the world. Your routes will be always inside the borders as there is plenty to be seen around the stunning coastline of Croatia. There are no international ports, immigration wait times or paperwork to complete once guests board. Your only worry is to enjoy numerous Dalmatian cities and islands with the stunning natural setting that surrounding that tell a rich history of the country.


Small Business and Care


As mentioned about our work environment, we take great care of our customers because we do not treat this solely as work. In Croatia, sea and tourism are way of life! When you choose any destination in Croatia to visit you will immediately see the authenticity of the location and the passion behind it. This provides a perfect setting for you vacation and getting your mind of the troubles that this global crisis has struck the world by storm.


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