If you are coming to Croatia for your cruising experience its always nice to read up on the small details and tips before you take your adventure. Traveling to a foreign country, especially while cruising raises a lot of technical questions with our customers!

Don’t worry as we got you covered:


Paperwork & Dollars, Euros, Kunas???

We highly suggest to each visitor to have travel insurance beforehand as most of the deal packages include such a policy already, but its always a smart idea to have it in places as it's inexpensive but gives you that extra bit of security while going abroad.

European countries (EU), British, American and Canada as of 2020 do not need Visa to enter Croatia.

We strongly suggest checking with your local government offices about the Visa requirements and Passport expiration dates, as most people tend to overlook this part of the trip planning before buying a holiday package.

While Croatia has been in the EU for quite some time, we still haven’t adopted the Euro as a currency. Croatia’s official currency is Kuna! We strongly suggest exchanging the currency in your native country because of the exchange rates and ATM fees if you rely on credit/debit cards.




Food & All-Inclusive & Packing 

When booking a Croatia Cruise with us each ship will have a different schedule and offers. In each itinerary, you have a detailed outline of the trip, but you can always discuss further with one of our local experts that is at your service 24/7. Most of the cruises have lunch and dinner included in the prices itself already.

Dishes served are a combination of Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine. If you have specific dietary restrictions, we do have alternative menus for those types of guests. These arrangements need to be agreed upon before you board the cruise. A selection of complimentary fresh fruit is available all day long.

You can order extra dishes and drinks from the bar while on the cruises! A lot of customers are worried that the price of such requests is higher because it is served on the cruise, but the prices are kept in line with the local restaurants and bars.


Cabin Equipment and Packing

We advise that you don’t pack heavily for the cruise as the cabins are smaller than the regular hotel and because of the nature of your holiday you won't need as much. 

Bed linen and bath towels are provided. The cleaning and changing are done every second day.

Most small cruise ships are equipped with double or twin beds, safety deposit box, hairdryer, shampoo, soap 220 V electric supply, lifejacket, wardrobe and luggage space under the bed, as well as the latest safety and fire alarm equipment.

We urge you to contact us for your specific Cruise Ship of preference to check for each inquiry you have. 




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