Croatian cruises are indeed the most amazing as they take you across the most beautiful coastline with some amazing islands. You can spend some lazy days on those ports, bays, and stunning beaches, away from the rush of everyday life, and embark on an unforgettable vacation.  Explore the hidden streets of old towns, walk on the pebble beaches and discover Croatia’s fascinating history. With plenty of ships and routes, you can easily choose the perfect Croatian cruise experience you would like for yourself.


 If you love beaches, water sports, crave nature, and are a history enthusiast, a Croatian cruise is a must for you. But how do you plan and get started with your Croatia vacation?  Well, you are just on the right page to get the information, and all you need to do is read on.




When to cruise 

The best months to cruise Croatia are between April and October when there are fewer tourists, and the costs are not too high. June to August is the peak season, and the crowds and prices are usually bigger. However, one can plan accordingly, based on their preferences and the opportunities available.


Plan early

Charter your boat months in advance so that you can have more options and choices. Keep in mind that Croatian cruises are very popular, and all the hotels and cruises really get booked out very fast, especially during the summer months from June to August.


Check flight dates and timings

You are most likely to fly into Split, Dubrovnik, or Zagreb if traveling from outside of Europe. As most sailing charters are scheduled to run from Saturday to Saturday for a minimum of 7 days, one can plan their flights accordingly. So, note the dates and timings of the flight and the cruise carefully before making any booking.


Choosing the boat

One can pick from standard sailing boats that can accommodate a small group of people or the premium sailing boats that are larger and more comfortable. However, there are luxury motor yachts for those looking for a luxurious experience around the coastline. The final choice will rely on the preferred style of sailing, the budget, and the group size. Whatever kind of boat you choose, inquire about its life and history and always opt for the newer boasts with modern amenities.


What to pack

Now that you know when you are going for the cruise and which boat you are on, it is time to start packing. Although one must try to travel light, it is essential to carry a few must-have items apart from suitable clothes, shoes, and swimming costumes. For example, do carry seasickness tablets, a light jacket, binoculars, hiking shoes, a power bank, and some formal clothing to remain best prepared. Also, do not forget to pack loads of sunscreen and your sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat.


Learn some Croatian

Although the staff on board a Croatian ship and the guests you meet are likely to speak English, it will be helpful if you learn some Croatian to interact with the locals.


Follow the instructions.

Your safety comes first, and therefore, you must follow the instructions of the captain and the crew of your vessel at all times. Always keep your children insight and do not leave them alone at any time. Keep close to the ship if you are an inexperienced swimmer.




Croatia is indeed a country for everyone, and once you cruise here, you will be compelled to visit again because of the jaw-dropping views and an awe-inspiring experience. So, just follow the above tips and get your Croatia vacation started with the right details and information.


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