Croatia boasts of a 1,100-mile-long coastline. There are 1,200 islands surrounding it. If you wish to explore the magnificent vistas of this country, opt for a cruise across the Adriatic Sea. The best months are between mid-April and mid-October. If you are still not convinced, here are some compelling reasons for cruising in Croatia.


Gaining a Unique Perspective of Croatia

A road trip can seem very mundane, since you will only be able to view the usual sights. Additionally, you may find yourself caught up in a crowd, especially if you arrive at any place around midday. Every cruise ship reaches a harbor during a quieter time, permitting you to experience the unique flavors of various tourist spots. You need not plan any itineraries – the ship’s crew will provide advice on comfortable sightseeing. Above all, traversing the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea is itself a worthy experience!


Traveling in Comfort

You will not travel in ordinary boats, but luxury ships fitted with the latest amenities. You may opt to reside in the upper deck cabins with their own balconies. You may opt to stay in the lower deck cabins, with no balconies. Regardless, every room has its own bathroom, and other facilities. The common areas are spacious and well-ventilated. You may even relax in a jacuzzi, or on a sun lounger, whenever you wish. 




No Worrying about Meals

Every small ship has a chef and his/her assistants on board. You gain access to delicious cuisines without any effort. The ingredients that go into preparing every meal are from local sources. The local, family-run vineyards and wineries provide you with local drinks. Thus, you will never have to seek eateries/restaurants, as you would have to do if you were on a road trip.


A Friendly Crew, Fluent in English

Although they are locals, the cruise ship’s crew are fluent in English. It generally comprises the captain, a couple of sailors, a chef, a sous chef, and a cabin attendant. Each crew member possesses great experience in managing cruises. All the crew members are marvelously friendly, keen to oversee all your needs and comforts. This is because the number of residents on a ship is below 40. Therefore, the ratio of passengers to crew members is somewhere along 3-4:1. Furthermore, the staff is ever ready to answer all your queries about Croatia. They also love sharing interesting stories and drinks! 


Explorations Galore

The cruise ship always heads for splendid destinations on mainland Croatia, or the islands nearby. Each island possesses stunning, natural beauty, and offers its own attractions. The crew members are willing to offer guidance regarding excursions and explorations. As for the mainland, you will have sufficient time to sign up for guided tours (boat rides to the blue caves, visiting national parks, etc.), link up with walking tours, observe the harvesting of oysters, visit vineyards/wineries, enjoy yourself at nightclubs/bars/restaurants, etc. Then again, there are the fascinating markets for shopping, museums housing all kinds of ancient and modern objects, palaces that are architectural marvels, etc. 




Swim Stops are Common

The ship comes to a halt in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, a couple of times. These ‘halt areas’ are Swim Stops. It is safe for you to jump off the ship, and frolic in the blue waters to your heart’s content! The dips should prove quite refreshing, especially if the weather is hot. 

Apart from this, you may arrange to go snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, or scuba diving, especially when you get some time to explore the various islands. All the islands are close to one another. Therefore, the cruise ship does not waste much time hopping from one spot to another.


Acquiring Lifelong Friends

Since the passengers on a cruise ship do not number many, you should find it easy to strike up acquaintances on the first evening itself. In general, the sundeck is a favorite space for congregating. People love to bask in the sun, or gaze upon distant views. The bar is another favorite place. It is all too easy to exchange contact details, and make promises to keep in touch. Who knows, you may even decide to return to the same spot next year too.

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