Cruising Croatia has over the years garnered the reputation of being one of the set pieces on each traveler’s bucket lists. This Mediterranean Gem is a centerpiece for the Adriatic Cruise, and you can see why once you start exploring all the treasures hidden within.

Beautiful coastline spanning along the stunning Adriatic Sea filled with Islands and Cities which are rich in history and culture. Countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites can testify to that combined with the stunning medieval architecture that brought together many historical influences over the centuries.

We offer you a perfect chance to explore this unique country and its coastline, but for the first-timers or even experienced cruise aficionados there are some secret tips that we have in store for you before you embark on this adventure


1. Remember! You are in a floating hotel!

When deciding to go on a cruise a lot of people seem to forget that we are not always docked in the harbor while visiting these stunning locations. Seasickness can impair the whole holiday so to help cope with this have some medication packed to help minimize the dizziness and nausea. This will help with any problems that might arise during your trip.

Adapting to the motions of the Adriatic Sea should not take long as the climate and the weather are mild throughout the whole year!




2. You have found a gem, don’t expect to be alone

Croatia has taken off regarding popularity in the last decade which can make bigger cities like Dubrovnik and Split a bit overcrowded in the high season. Therefore, we offer a very diverse itinerary with a huge portfolio of ships that set sail during the high and low season. If you want a peaceful vacation during the top summer months, we advise to avoid big cities and focus on small islands.

We feel that often Croatia’s beauty gets overlooked by focusing on major tourist attractions, while many hidden locations are left unvisited. This is a perfect opportunity for you to don’t make that mistake!




3. Put Down the Camera!

The biggest mistake that you can make while on Croatia Cruise is trying to capture its beauty on camera. Being in the era of Instagram and Facebook a lot of people focus on creating the best pictures for their platforms instead of enjoying the moments.

Take those moments and drink them in Croatia’s natural beauty and the magic of the Adriatic Sea will create the memories that will last you for a lifetime. You will thank us later!


4. Create Friendships

Cruising on one of our wonderful small ships will create bonds that will last for a whole life. There is something magical about cruising and experiencing new locations with a bunch of strangers for the first time. If you are a private person and want to cruise the Adriatic Sea exclusively with your friends, we can always offer you a ship that will offer you that. Rent a yacht and be exclusive!

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