Uncovering the best of the Dalmatian Coast by way of a road trip may at first sound overwhelming, but the fact is that one of the best ways of discovering Croatia is by car. Thanks to excellent flight connections and great overland travel infrastructure, this week-long road-tripping itinerary from the Dalmatian Coast, all the way to the Istrian Peninsula, is bound to leave you open-jawed.


Day one-Dubrovnik

On arrival head straight to the walled city. The stores lining the boulevard may be tourist traps, but the narrow streets and alleys with their dark passages will have a surprise or two for you. This is where you can interact with some real residents of Dubrovnik and learn a bit about their history. Better still, spend time with the locals at an authentic cafe and enjoy a drink, even though you may have to stand for hours to get a seat.


Day Two-Dubrovnik

Take a leisurely stroll, first thing in the morning, along the 2km long ancient City Wall and climb the tower before it gets too crowded. These cliffs which overlook the Adriatic have many great bars which provide gorgeous views of the city. Veer away from the tourist trappings and enjoy a meal at a restaurant off the beaten path. Have a good rest in preparation for your road trip ahead.




Day Three - Split

It takes about three hours to drive to Split. That said, this is the most scenic ride you will find in Croatia. Soon after you check in, waste no time because there are many sights to explore in Split. Begin at the Old Town and visit the Diocletian Palace, Town Hall and the Iron Gate. Spend the evening on the waterfront and enjoy a meal at any of the off-beat cafes at Bronze Gate. Rent a car with side sensors, as some of the streets in Split can be extremely narrow.


Days Four-Trogir

Take the State Road D1 (if you want to avoid the tolls) to reach Trogir. Driving time is about half an hour from Split city center.

Your fourth eventful day will start at a place which probably looked like what Split  was like many years ago.The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and if you liked the Promenade of Split, you will simply adore the waterfront in Trogir. Apart from the attractions, the drive to Trogir from Split is most impressive.


Day Five-Hvar

As you squeeze your car on the ferry to Hvar (remember side sensors) try and get a seat in the open. The trip from Split to Stari Grad is a pleasant two hour cruise. On arrival, drive straight to Hvar town. Once there wander the promenade Riva and admire the views from any of the outdoor cafes. Have dinner at the Dalmatino, unarguably the best restaurant on the island.




Day Six-Plitvice Lakes

This is going to be a long and eventful day. Take the Jadrolinja ferry back to Split and drive straight to Plitvice Lakes(two hours). Enjoy the countryside as you ride on the brand new highway till you reach the awe-inspiring national park. Even though you have travelled all day, Plitvice will leave you shockingly enthralled.


Day Seven-Rovinj

There is a three hour drive ahead of you, but before that get up early and make another visit to Plitvice Lakes to enjoy it in seclusion. The charming Istrian village of Rovinj lies beyond Monte, and is known for its impeccable wineries. You will find Rovinj a lovely place to unwind after a wonderful week on the road. Once back on the plane, say a tearful farewell to this alluring country.


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