The success of a cruising trip in Croatia with a toddler requires a significant amount of research and planning, especially if it is your first family cruise.Though a Croatian family cruise is a safe and fun kiddy option, here are some tips to make the whole trip with your little one a breeze.




When to go?

June to September are perfect for a relaxing family cruise when the weather is nice and warm and sea temperatures are ideal for various water activities. Navigation in this season is also smooth which assures you of great sailing conditions.


What to bring?

Those of you who have young children at home will understand why this is so important. If you are going on a seven day cruise, packing is going to be the key. Here is a list of items which should be of great help:

- Two outfits per day when on the sea and one extra one for photo sessions.

- Large and small zip lock bags for wet and sandy clothes.

- Ear drops, small baby shampoo, lotion, probiotics or whatever you use to assist in your child's digestion.

- Download your toddler's favorite shows on your iPad. Do not rely on the WiFi and bring headphones.

- Toys, including small beach toys which the child can play with in the room or in the lounge.

- A non-spill cup: this is highly recommended.

- Life jacket: These are usually provided on the ship but if your child is below four years, you will have to bring your own.




Choice of vessel

When you are about to spend seven days on a ship with a young child a comfortable vessel is of utmost importance. Renting a catamaran can be a good idea as they are spacious and stable. This makes the environment safe for the toddler to move around and get extra privacy as well on board.


Include various activities

A Croatian cruise allows for some precious  times for families to spend memorable moments together and to show your spouse how much you care for the children. Make sure to include plenty of activities for toddlers to keep them occupied and the parents relaxed. Your itinerary should include an exciting destination each day to meet new friends and see some of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia.


Itinerary should be set in stone

Remember to make your itinerary fixed and flexible. Include as many short trips as you can, so that if the weather goes bad or the wind picks up it should not be a problem. Avoid the open seas as far as possible, so that if you like a place you can stay longer before heading to another island nearby.




Combination of beaches and towns

The itinerary should be designed to keep your young brood happy and contented. The route should include:

- Nice pebble beaches where kids can play.

- Lots of water sports options onboard to keep the kid active during the day.

- Take your toddler on a stroll during evenings around the town where you are docked.


This is the best way to plan an itinerary that gives priority to your toddler and keeps an eye on safety issues.


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