The best way to explore Croatia is by sailing it's clear blue waters to sample the highlights of this beautiful country. However, there are plenty of things to consider before setting out on your dream voyage.These great tips will make it easier for you to enjoy the attractions of the "Pearl of the Adriatic".


Time it right

You do not go on a cruise vacation every time, so it is essential to have a pleasant trip. Between April to October is the peak cruising season as the weather is just about perfect and the water temperatures are ideal for swimming.

In late summer the temperature begins to fall but the waters are still warm enough for swimming.The crowds too, would be less and islands like Hvar, Krk and Vis known for their vineyards would be worth visiting due to harvest time.


Choice of vessel

While Mega ships are preferred by those who like to spend time on a vessel with more amenities like a five star hotel, smaller cruise ships also have their admirers.

A small-ship experience allows the traveler to spend more time at a particular destination and visit some of the offbeat places which cannot be accessed by a large cruise ship.





This all depends on the time available for your cruise. If you are lucky to have a couple of weeks off then you can sail everywhere between Opatija from the northern part of the Dalmatian Coast, right up to Dubrovnik or even Montenegro.

If you have only a week at your disposal, which should be the bare minimum, you can opt for a round trip from Split or cruise between Dubrovnik and Split or vice versa. Since the distance between islands is short you will only need to cruise for an hour or two each day leaving you ample time to enjoy every destination you visit.


Check the theme

This is an important part of your cruise holiday and should be chalked out in advance. Check out the itineraries each operator offers to decide which one is best for you. 

Some cruises are meant for outdoor adventure activities while others are more focused on food and wine. There are experiences tailor made for couples, honeymooners or romantic trips.


Pack less

Lugging around a heavy suitcase should be the last thing you want on a cruise ship. Unless you are on a large vessel which has strict dress codes, there is no fancy attire required on the smaller ships. That said, do not forget some essentials like a book, board games and toys(if you are traveling with kids), camera and mobile accessories.

The small boats cannot carry much luggage so it is advisable to pack as light as possible, except for one smart outfit for the Captain's dinner. You may find out that you probably only require half of what you think you should carry as most of your time spent will be in casual clothes or bathing suits.




Reach early

Try and arrive at your cruise port at least one day in advance. This will not only eliminate the stress of missing out on your check-in time but also allow you to explore the cruise departure city at leisure.


Few last words of advice

While any cruise trip is an enjoyable experience the better way to explore Croatia is by opting for a small ship cruise.

Not only is the service exceptional and one gets personal and VIP treatment, the ability of the smaller vessels to navigate and reach smaller ports is a big advantage.


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