Cruising has always been a niche industry for newcomers who are used to booking their accommodations on land at locations such as hotels and private apartments.  We often hear a lot of misconceptions towards the cruising industry that may paint a wrong a picture about one of the best holidays that you can experience on the Adriatic Coast.

We will try to clarify one of the most talked about myths regarding your potential cruising holiday!

Following debunks will certainly change your mind about your Croatia Cruise:


Health Hazard

Following coronavirus outbreak in 2020 there is lot of concern about travelling in general, and there has been a lot of media covering cruises especially. Cruises can be one of the safest means of travelling and experiencing the beauty of Croatia in such times. As it is confined space and its limited by number of people the environment is easily controlled and monitored. Our small cruise ship lines follow very strict health policies by the government and each passenger is checked before entering the cruise ship.


Elite Budget

Another misconception about cruises is that they are expensive and that you can get by cheaper by taking your holiday on land. This is simply not true, people often associate cruising with big cruise lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean. Cruising industry is vast and with many other options! We offer 3 to 7-week cruises on small ships that hold up to 40 – 60 people each and the prices given for those cruises save you the money. Contact our team to find out more about this amazing offer.


Cruising – “One trick pony”

This could not be further from the truth, as you can browse through are vast offer, we cater to each customer need without specially designed itineraries. Croatia Cruise offers something for everybody, it does not matter if you are adventurous type, traveling with family, searching for party time or relaxing vacation with your significant other we have you covered. This is all made possible by our creative team and amazing setting that Croatia provides us.


No privacy

As mentioned previously all our cruises are on a small cruise ship. You will visit amazing locations  and beautiful small dalmatians time , while most of the time spent on ship will be at night while you are travelling to these locations for you to enjoy your summer day on the Adriatic Coast. You have complete freedom to socialize with your fellow passengers or enjoy romantic solitude that Croatia’s stunning natural landscape has to offer. 

Are you looking for a Croatia island cruise to see everything that Croatia has to offer? Then book with My Croatia Cruise today! We specialize in helping you find the best Adriatic Cruise for you.