There is so much to see along the coast of Croatia, that one sailing trip would hardly do justice.Still a single nautical voyage will allow you to visit and explore some of the most stunning sights on earth, that cannot be seen elsewhere.These cruising routes, from Northern Adriatic to South Dalmatia, will help you in creating an image of what you actually are looking for on your dream Croatian vacation.





Route-1: Split - Dubrovnik (one week)


Day 1: Split to Milna (Brac island)

Day 2: Milna to Hvar

Day 3: Hvar to Vis(Komiza)

Day 4: Vis to Korcula

Day 5: Korcula to Mljet

Day 6: Mljet to Sipan island

Day 7: Sipan to Dubrovnik



#Explore the gorgeous Adriatic islands

# Go snorkeling and sailing

# Visit the beautiful town of Dubrovnik

# Discover Split by yacht.


Route-2: Dubrovnik to Split (one week)


Day 1: Dubrovnik to Lopud

Day 2: Lopud to Polace(Mljet)

Day 3: Polace to Korcula

Day 4: Korcula to Vis

Day 5: Vis to Starigrad (Hvar)

Day 6: Starigrad to Brac island

Day 7: Brac island to Split



# Explore Dubrovnik

# Visit Mljet island

# Go wine tasting and partying in Hvar

# Savor traditional Croatian cuisine



Route-3: Trogir to Trogir (eight days)


                       Every Saturday


Day 1: Trogir to Makarska

Day2: Makarska to Peljesac Peninsula (Mljet National Park)

Day 3: Peljesac Peninsula to Elaphiti Islands to Dubrovnik

Day 4: Dubrovnik to Slano

Day 5: Slano to Korcula

Day 6: Korcula to Hvar island

Day 7: Hvar island to Solta island

Day 8: Solta island to Trogir.



# explore the Diocletian's Palace

# swim in the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the nightlife on the islands.

# Visit the Old Town in Korcula and the historic home of Marco Polo.

#  Dine at authentic places that serve the best Croatian cuisine.




Route-4: Rijeka to Rijeka (eight days)


                  Every Saturday


Day1: Rijeka to Krk Island

Day 2: Krk island to Rab island.

Day 3: Rab island to Sali

Day 4: Sali to Kornati Islands.

Day 5: Kornati Islands to Losinj Island.

 Day 6: Losinj Island to Cres

Day 7: Cres to Rijeka

Day 8: Rijeka



# Combination of cruises through the Adriatic Sea and Croatian Islands

#  Explore the city center of Rab and its four distinctive bell towers.

#  Admire the stark lunar like landscape of the Kornati Islands National Park.

# Get awed by the spectacular scenery of Cres island.


           SOUTHERN EXPLORER      


Route 5- Split to Split (eight days)


Day 1: Split to Makarska

Day 2: Makarska to Mljet National Park.

Day 3: Mljet to Dubrovnik.

Day 4: Dubrovnik to Sipan island.

Day 5: Sipan island to Korcula.

Day 6: Korcula to Hvar town.

Day 7: Hvar town to Bol(Brac).

Day 8: Bol to Split



# Explore the 'Game of Thrones' film location in Dubrovnik.

# Spend a day at Mljet island of the epic Odyssey fame.

# Visit the wine haven of Hvar.

# Savor traditional Croatian cuisine.



Route 6- Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik (7 days).


Day1: Dubrovnik

Day 2: Dubrovnik to Mljet island.

Day 3: Mljet to Korcula

Day 4: Korcula to Hvar

Day 5: Hvar to Peljesac Peninsula.

Day 6: Peljesac Peninsula to Elaphiti Islands

Day 7: Elaphiti Islands to Dubrovnik.



# Wander the ancient ruins at Korcula

# Walk along the old city walls at Dubrovnik.

# Swim in the aquamarine waters at Zlatni Rat beach.

#  Sip cocktails on secluded beaches.


No matter which itinerary and charter company you opt for, you are guaranteed a memorable sailing holiday. With more than a thousand islands and countless coves it is no wonder that Croatia is considered to be the number one cruising destination in the world.


With guaranteed departures from April to mid-October, guests have the option to travel in a unique way by sea to see the breathtaking sights of the Adriatic Coast. Choose a cruise and reward yourself with a holiday of a lifetime.


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