Just imagine yourself on a luxury Croatian cruise during the summer holidays. One thing is for sure; you will never run short of ideas for beaches, villas, food and drinks, and activities. The Mediterranean cruise blurs the lines between the western and eastern and makes some intriguing stops on the way.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the entire coastline of Croatia and plan an itinerary that covers the most popular islands with awesome beaches and thriving cities.  Make sure you pick a reliable cruise line with a reputation and a fleet of cruise ships in different categories that can cater to all kinds of travelers with different budgets.

Given below are some of the must-visit islands to stop at and explore.




1. Biševo Island- It is very easy to reach the Biševo Island even from distant towns. The island is best known for its nature and unique silver-blue color of the waters. The fascinating island leaves everyone breathless and is sure to leave lifelong memories within you.


2. Hvar Island- The island is the sunniest and a great destination. The beautiful island is not just about sun and party, but it is also a place of rich history and tradition. In fact, it is listed under UNESCO because of its natural and cultural heritage.


3. Brač Island- The town of Bol on the island of Brač is considered the oldest coastal settlement. Get ready for a great snorkeling experience in the blue lagoon or visit the natural blue cave and explore the unforgettable beauty that surrounds you. There are many beautiful beaches and underwater reefs to visit and explore on the island.


dubrovnik beach


4. Vis Island- Enter a dreamy haven on the shores of Croatia at Vis. The visitors are seduced by its raw natural beauty, and there are plenty of beachy enclaves along the rough coastline. The island has been a site for many historical war battles. It is the perfect location for scuba divers interested in enjoying organized dives in the area.


5. Rab Island- Located off the northern coast, Rab is a spot of tranquility in the Adriatic Sea.  Surrounded by stunning beaches, there is a calm, rustic vibe on the island that boasts of small towns and villages with cream walls and terracotta roofs. Interact with the locals who are proud of their homeland’s heritage.


6. Krk island- The biggest island in Croatia, Krk island is well known as the golden island.  Boasting of a rich cultural and historical heritage, the last town is the oldest in the Adriatic. Explore the streets of the town and marvel at its historical buildings, galleries, and bars. Visit local shops for various wines and other specialties.




7. Mljet Island- Mljet is known for its lush and salubrious greenery. The waters apron the island boasts of an expansive variety of sea creatures. Veliko and Malo Jezero are the two salted lakes that draw swimmers. Do not forget to taste the delicious variety of goats’ cheese served in the local restaurants.


8. Cres Island- The natural beauty of the archetypal Croatian island is sure to bowl you over. Enjoy looking at those oaky forests along the coastline and explore the hilltop towns or enjoy the spectacular views of the population of griffons, which is sure to bring out that inner ornithologist in you.


9. Korčula Island- Travel to the island, which is well known for its dark pine forests, olive groves, and vineyards. Escape to one of the most relaxing getaways, Korčula, which is seen to be the most popular Dalmatian destination. Feel the cool breeze against your skin as you explore the streets.

Take a sightseeing tour of these islands with a local guide and experience the other coastal attractions nearby.