The natural beauty of Croatia is an ideal getaway for anyone looking for mountains, beaches,coastlines, waterfalls, and great wine. It’s a relatively affordable travel destination and has amazing natural features for pictures! Here are the main reasons why you need to visit Croatia:

The Beaches

Croatia beaches cruise

If you like crystal clear water and pebble beaches, the best Dalmatian beaches are in Croatia. Each beach is quite unique and will give you breathtaking views. There are tons of quiet getaways on the Croatian coast for you to check out with a loved one or your family. There are also tons of places where you can go diving or snorkeling. This can be fun for kids, especially those who love the beach. You get to see tons of sea life and underwater wine and olive oil cargo ships! You can also see some beautiful coral. These oceans are also great for sailing. Take the family out to sea or go alone for a delicious meal of fresh seafood and wine.

Parks and Lakes

Croatia lakes cruise

Croatia has an amazing national park called Plitvice National Park that boasts breathtaking waterfalls with forests and canyons. Go for a hike and get out into nature a little bit with this European wonder. There is also a shuttle and waters where you can go rowing.


Dubrovnik Croatia Cruise

Also known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", this scenic wall covers the Old Town and has amazing views of the cliffs and ocean. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and was actually a filming spot in the famous Game of Thrones series.


Split Croatia Cruise

This city is known as the heart of the Dalmatian Coast with its exciting city life. It's always bustling and busy, but it is great for a stroll to get to know the locals! The windy streets will lead you to random spots; you might just want to get lost in this beautiful city of pretty buildings. They have a different type of local wine here that you just can't miss!

Wine Tours

Croatia wine tours cruise

Croatia has a rich history of winemaking with a large variety of indigenous grapes. These are the dedicated wine regions of the world, which brings many to check out these countryside wine vintners. They will give you the chance to learn a little about the history of winemaking, taste some wines in the cellars, and discuss the flavors as you enjoy gazing at beautiful views of the sea.

Pula's Roman Amphitheatre

Colosseum Rome skip the line tickets

Pula is a region that is as Italian as they come. It is known as the Venice of Croatia and showcases amazing Roman ruins and structures. There is an amphitheater in the city center that still stands even thousands of years after its construction. Try your very best to check it out, or if possible, see a concert or performance there. You won't regret it!

The Sea Organ

zadar sea organ cruise

The city of Zadar has many historical churches with Roman ruins, making it a hot spot for the more artistic types. There is a lot of art to appreciate in this city. There is a Sea Organ known to turn waves into melodies and a Sun Salutation that creates light shows from the tunes created by the Sea Organ. It looks like steps into the ocean and is a very beautiful experience.

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