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Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town at the mouth of Krka river, with narrow paved streets, passages, vaults and stairs. The entire town core is a protected cultural monument with houses dating back to 18th and 19th century and stuccoed in the Venetian style.

The surroundings of Skradin have been inhabited since the Neolithic period – the oldest settlement dates back to the year 3500 B.C. The first data about the town of Skradin dates from the year 33 B.C. It was the capital of Liburnia, later the capital of the Roman Province of Liburnia and in the 4th century centre of the early Christian diocese. In the beginning of 14th century, under the rule of the famous Pavao Šubić, Skradin was the principal town of Croatia and Bosnia.

Skradin Town Museum holds a rich collection of items from the pre-historical age, Liburnian period and period of Antiquity to the late Middle Ages. 

Belvedere and early medieval fortress of ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir from the 13th or 14th century, Baroque Catholic Church of the Parturition of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 18th century, located on the town square and containing a very valuable pipe organ, and an Orthodox Church of St. Spiridon from the 19th century - a donation from Emperor Francis Joseph, are worth the visit.

Skradin had the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe, opened in 1895, at the same time as Tesla’s famous power plant at Niagara Falls!

The most beautiful view of Skradin extends from the belvedere and the bridge on auto route A1, en route towards Split. Due to its breathtaking view, this belvedere was nominated for the Golden Flower of Europe award for the most beautiful belvedere on European auto routes.

Some of the recommended places to eat are restaurant Cantinetta for fish dishes, Dalmatino and Toni for domestic cuisine and famous Zlatna Školjka restaurant. For cocktails and live music during summer there is café bar Arca at the marina.

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